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Spartan Catering Policy

Please check location availability as soon as you determine your event date. Location reservations should be made prior to contacting Catering Services. Please note that Catering will need time to setup your food/beverage. When making your room reservation, please provide ample time for catering to setup prior to your event start time; otherwise Catering setup may happen as your event begins.

Please plan and confirm food and beverage arrangements at least two weeks prior to the desired event date. Any event booked within 3 business days of the event may be subject to an additional $50.00 fee. All cancellations must be made 3 business days prior to the event date. If it is necessary to cancel within less than 3 business days prior to your event, 50% of the latest guaranteed con­tract will become the responsibility of the guest. This policy is also applicable for inclement weather.

After finalizing the details of the event, the contact person (person ordering) will receive an event confirmation sheet. Please review, sign, and return the confirmation sheet to the Catering Department at least one week prior to the event date with method of payment.  For events over 100 guests, the confirmations should be returned at least two weeks prior to the event date. Advance notice is crucial to the success of your event, even if all details are not finalized, a placeholder can be input in Catertrax with any pertinent details you have to hold your date and time. Our ultimate goal is to set your event up for success!


Contact the Catering department at 336.334.5195 or via email at

To ensure precise production, a final guarantee for the number of guests to be served is required 3 business days prior to the event date. Events over 100 guests, should provide the guaranteed count at least two weeks prior to the event date.  Any changes, or additions made within the 3 business days will be accommodated to the best of Catering’s ability with the resources available. Your guaranteed number of guests represents the minimum billing. Any additional requests made by the customer will be accommodated to the best of Catering’s ability, and will be reflected in the final bill.  Examples include additional food, beverage, linens, to-go boxes etc


Tablecloths will be provided for all food and beverage tables set up by the Catering Department. Linens for any other tables are available for an additional charge and requests must be made in advance. The charges are as follows:

85” Square Tablecloth $6.99/each
120" Round Tablecloths $14.95/each
Linen Napkins $ 0.65/each

90x132” Black Scuba $24.00/each


Additional linens requested within 3 business days of event will be accommodated to the best of Catering’s ability with the resources available.


Compostable Serviceware is included at no extra charge for all catered events.


Receptions and breaks requiring china will be an additional $1.25 per person and will include a 6” plate, dessert plate, and fork. Glassware (water goblets) can be provided at an additional cost for $0.50 per piece, sold in increments of 25.


For all plated meals or formal buffets, please account for $2.50 per person for china service. Select Full Service china which includes salad plate, dinner plate, dessert plate, bread and butter plate, flatware and one water glass.


For Coffee Service please add per person $1.05 includes coffee cup, saucer, and coffee spoon.


Please use the following formula to calculate the staffing needed to execute your event successfully:

1 server is required per 10 guests for plated service

1 server is required per 25-30 guests for buffet service

1 server is required per every 50 guests for receptions

1 bartender per every 50 guests


Please allow for 1 hr of set up /clean up services for events needing attendants. For off campus events or larger events which will require significant traveling, setting or prep work please add an extra hour.

Labor is charged at $16.95 per hour, per server (3 hour minimum).
Bartending services are charged at $20.00 per hour, per bartender
(3 hour minimum).

Exhibition/Carving Chefs are charged at $20.00 per hour,

Per chef (3 hour minimum).

There are no delivery fees for services within Elliott University Center. Deliveries outside of the Elliott University Center will be subject to a service fee of 10% of the final bill - not to exceed $100 - for the setup and cleanup of events. This is applicable to set and returns and set and attend methods of service. 5% service fee will be applicable to all drop off methods of service outside the EUC. No service charge is applicable to customer pickups.  Events taking place off site will be subject to an additional $25 fee to cover travel expenses (ex. Piney Lake, Kaplan Wellness Center, JSNN, HQ Greensboro, Union Square, and Research Park) 

***It is the guest's responsibility to ensure facilities and rooms are unlocked for set-up, delivery, and/or clean-up services. Should a room be unavailable when catering services arrives, a return trip will result in an additional $25.00 charge on your bill. Please allow for an average of 1 hour time for Catering to setup for your event. If Catering is unable to enter the space before event start time, we will be unable to have setup complete by your event start time. Please make sure that your event is scheduled with the appropriate reservations office and the appropriate equipment is reserved. Please note that Catering does not provide tables for guest seating or food and beverage setup. It is the Customer’s responsibility to coordinate with each facility.

Request for permission to serve any alcoholic beverages must be approved through the Chancellor’s Office, as well as any other appropriate office related to the location of the event. The sponsors of the event must furnish alcoholic beverages, and are responsible for following all State and Federal regulations. The Catering Department CANNOT be responsible for the alcoholic beverages prior to or after the function due to ABC NC Law/Permits. It is the responsibility of the representative to remove all alcoholic beverages at the conclusion of the event. A full bar set-up is $3.75 per person. All necessary bar items, except alcohol, are provided with this charge, including beverages and mixers. Beer and wine set-ups will be $2.00 per person. These prices are for quality plastic cups. We will be glad to provide your bar set-up with glassware for an additional $0.50 per person. All bar set-ups include ice and cocktail napkins. Bartender fees are $20.00 per hour (3 hour minimum).


All Payments MUST be received 3 business days prior to the event

All Customers/University Departments are required to submit a signed contract 3 days prior to the event. In Addition to the signed contract, All University Departments are also required to submit a BANFIN-69 form with a departmental account number(s) and signature(s) to Catering Services. If a department is using a P-Card to pay for services then no BANFIN-69 is needed. Please note some P-cards require calling merchant services to “open” the card in order for it to be used, please contact your business department for instruction. If the customer fails to return a signed confirmation sheet then Catering will set up event as ordered and the customer is responsible for original charges. Each event will be confirmed via Catertrax and sent to the event contact (person that places the order) for their review. It is their responsibility to contact Catering Services with any discrepancies noted on the event order. If there is no contact within the allotted time frame, 3 business days prior to the event date, a complete record of the event will be sent directly to accounts payable for pay­ment collection. If your event will be paid through personal or private funds, please be prepared to pay the balance 3 business days prior to the event date. Checks can be made payable to Chartwells. Master Card, Visa, and American Express are also accepted forms of payment.  If your event is being paid via GIK please submit your GIK paperwork, with proper signatures, 3 business days prior to the event date.